Thursday, 14 August 2014

DynaMed now available

We are pleased to announce that NHS users now have access to DynaMed, the most current evidence-based clinical information solution, via the NHS Athens account.

DynaMed provides clinicians with current, unbiased and relevant clinical information allowing physicians to make the best possible decisions for their patients.

For more information or to access the resource follow the below link and login using your NHS Athens password:

DynaMed is also available as an app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Click below to find out more information:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

NHS trial access to medical research

A pilot trial  lasting for a year will allow staff working across the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland free trial access to some of the most respected medical and scientific journals.

Information about  the launch of the pilot has been released by JISC and by NICE.

The publishers who have agreed to take part include: AAAS, Annual Reviews, Elsevier, IOP Publishing, Nature Publishing Group, Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry and Springer.
For more information please contact

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New UCL website gives Open Access advice for REF

The next REF will include an open access policy that affects everyone and applies to journal articles and conference proceedings accepted after 1 April 2016. If your publication doesn’t comply from the date of publication, it will not be eligible for REF.
UCL provides lots of support, including a new set of REF open access webpages with simple steps for complying with the REF policy, FAQs and a list of exceptions.
Contact the Open Access Team if you’d like more information.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Library App

We are pleased to announce the launch this week of the ICH Medical App Library; a free app for smartphones and tablets that delivers an up to date and growing list of trusted and relevant medical apps and mobile resources right at your fingertips.

Browse, discover and download the best apps in the following categories:

Currently only available on Android devices. Click below to download from Google Play or speak to a member of staff.

Monday, 16 June 2014

SILVER Green Impact Award for the Library

We are pleased to announce that the Library was awarded a SILVER at the UCL Green Impact Awards Ceremony which took place on 10th June.
Green Impact is an annual programme that empowers staff and students to improve their departments’ environmental performance and boost the sustainability literacy of peers and colleagues. 32 teams received awards at the ceremony at the Grant Museum of Zoology.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Google search tips

You may find the following tips helpful when searching Google:

Finding up-to-date information
If you’re researching a topic and want to check the most up-to-date information available, click the News tab at the top of the results page. This will show recent news articles featuring your search term.

Search a site
Some websites’ own search functions are poor, but you can also search them direct from the Google home page. Type your search term followed by "site:" and then the address of the website you want to search, for example "MMR". Then only results from the website you include will display.

Search by file type
Did you know you can search by the type of file you’re looking for, which is perfect if you’re searching for a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file. Just type your search term followed by "filetype:" and then the document’s extension, so "ppt" for PowerPoint, eg "asthma filetype:ppt".

Searching for images
You know how to search for images, but did you know you can find out what an image is of as well? If you find an interesting picture online, you can find out more about it by going to and clicking the camera icon in the search bar. This brings up two options: either paste the url of the image you’ve found (i.e. what’s in the address bar when the image is the only thing on the screen), or upload an image from your computer to find out what it is. Google can also locate "visually similar images" for you.

Just type the sum into the Google search bar, and it will calculate it for you.

Just type in your amount – say 100 euros – followed by "in" and the currency and Google will convert it for you. You can do the same with other number conversions like miles to kilometres and pints to litres.

You can even translate short phrases from one language into another, eg intensive care unit in italian.