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Quality/Credibility of eHealth Information and Trust Issues

I thought people might find the article below quite useful. 
Providing Doctors With High-Quality Information: An Updated Evaluation of Web-Based Point-of-Care Information Summaries Koren Hyogene Kwag, Marien González-Lorenzo, Rita Banzi, Stefanos Bonovas, Lorenzo Moja J Med Internet Res 2016 (Jan 19); 18(1):e15 HTML (open access): PDF (members only):
Background: The complexity of modern practice requires health professionals to be active information-seekers. Objective: Our aim was to review the quality and progress of point-of-care information summaries—Web-based medical compendia that are specifically designed to deliver pre-digested, rapidly accessible, comprehensive, and periodically updated information to health care providers. We aimed to evaluate product claims of being evidence-based. Methods: We updated our previous evaluations by searching Medline, Google, librarian association websites, and conference proceedi…

Free exam resources for Junior Doctors

MRCPass - ·Notes on topics covered in MRCP Part 1 ·130 MCQ questions ·Bookmark questions ·Choose questions by topic ·Track statistics ·Look back over wrong answers
Revise MRCP - ·Covers MRCP Parts 1 and 2 ·Over 5,000 MCQs arranged by topic ·Free to sign up ·Past papers going back to September 2010 - ·Over 1,800 MCQs with detailed answers ·Updated with new information every day ·Covers MRCP, MRCGP and PLAB exams
Almost a Doctor - ·Works like Wikipedia - put together by users but subject to quality control ·Contains notes, mindmaps, flashcards and an OSCE checklist ·Blogs from other junior doctors ·

Google searching tips

Someone might find this Guardian article about  searching Google rather helpful:

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is now open! Calling all @UCL final year undergrads: take 10 mins to have your say at

NHS Acronym Buster App

Don’t be bamboozled by acronyms at work, download this free NHS Acronym Buster app from iTunes to your iPhone/iPad or from Google Play to your android phone or tablet. It contains more than 700 commonly used NHS acronym and abbreviations. Just search ‘NHS Acronym’ in the iTunes app or Google Play stores.

Rand metrics: Bilbliometric analysis of highly cited publications of biomedical and health research in England, 2004–2013

Follow  this link
for a  report which  presents the findings of a bibliometric analysis of biomedical and health research in England for the period 2004–2013.

Listing of e-journals available to visitors on Explore

For licensing reasons, non-UCL members cannot consult UCL Library Services’ electronic resources offsite, but we do have a number of Explore Access Points in UCL libraries, through which visitors can view many resources.

For a list of  electronic journals are accessible to non-UCL users, check the listings of journals available to visitors on Explore

For more information please see the following webpage: