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How to use TRIP guides

Below are a list of brief ‘How to’ guides to using various aspects of Trip.  They cover the following topics:6 Questions with Jon Brassey, Founder of the Trip DatabaseRefining your search & filtersSigning up with TripLogging In to TripSaving your results with ‘Starring’Browsing your history on TripPICO SearchUsing Advanced SearchImage & video search on TripUsing Trip in other languages Please see the following link:

Bubble wrap stress relief for our students

It’s exam and dissertation season for our hard-working students (the ICH has over 400). With this in mind, and in a show of solidarity, library staff have provided some bubble wrap stress relief. The stress relieving properties of this product are well documented. A survey, commissioned by a bubble wrap manufacturer, found that ‘just over one minute of popping bubble wrap provides stress relief equivalent to a 33 minute massage’ ( ). In 2014 students at University of Leicester resorted to the same measure. They also employed puppies to sooth stressed students ( ). Although the library does not at present propose the employment of dogs, we note that GOSH does: .

Increased loan limits for UCL students and NHS staff

In order to improve our users experience all students and NHS staff may now borrow an additional 5 items. NHS staff can borrow 15 instead of 10 books, Research Postgraduate students may now borrow 25 items instead of 20 and NHS staff and all other students 15 items instead of 10. 

Turnitin - course for UCL students

Please find below a link  to a Moodle course which  helps students understand plagiarism and allows them to check their work on Turnitin

10 ways to blag a library seat during exam time