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The impact of clinical librarian services on patients and health care organisations.

An interesting article about   The impact of clinical librarian services on patients and health care organisations Read it here: Alison Brettle1,*, Michelle Maden2 andClare Payne3Article first published online: 17 FEB 2016 DOI: 10.1111/hir.12136 “Conclusion: This study is unique in taking a wide view of potential and specific impacts to which CLs contribute across health care organisations. It is the largest UK evaluation of CL services to date and demonstrates CLs affect direct patient care, improve quality and save money. Future researchers are urged to use the tools presented to collect data on the same outcomes to build a significant and comprehensive international evidence base about the effectiveness and impact of clinical librarian services. “

Nice Evidence Search online guides

Please see the following link for Nice Evidence search online training guides 

Cochrane Library online tutorials

Explore more of the Cochrane Library with these effective online self-paced tutorials.
These online tutorials are designed for users as a quick and informative overview and demonstration of the Cochrane Library. The tutorials provide an introduction to the Cochrane Library and how to search it.

HEFCE’s policy for open access begins on 1 April 2016.

To be eligible for submission to the post-2014 REF, authors’ outputs must have been deposited in an institutional or subject repository. Deposited material should be discoverable, and free to read and download, for anyone with an internet connection. This requirement will apply to journal articles and conference proceedings accepted for publication after 1 April 2016.

Therefore from this date, all journal articles and conference papers must be deposited in UCL discovery. It is best practice to deposit on acceptance. Outputs not deposited within 3 months of publication cannot be submitted to the next REF. Exceptions are very limited.

It is vital that all researchers deposit their work. The policy is here to stay, and low compliance will have a serious impact on departments’ REF results. Extra credit will be available for depositing books, book chapters and other publications; UCL policy is that all outputs should be deposited.

UCL’s open access webpages contain full details of the policy,…

Premium version of TRIP available for NHS staff

For a pilot period of one year, Health Education England has negotiated access to the Premium version of the TRIP database.  Access is being made available by IP address for NHS Trust members. You need to be on a Trust computer in order to be able to access the premium version 

Nurse Revalidation - some useful links

Updated literature search protocols

The new edition of literature search protocols for NHS researchers is now available from
They comprise ·Search planning form using PICO ·List of alternatives to PICO ·Suggested list of core and recommended sources of information ·Checklist of key search techniques ·Checklist of what to include documenting a search 
The appendices include ·Full details of core and recommended resources including coverage and how to access ·Further list of subject specific databases  ·List of search discovery tools such as Pubmed Re-miner

The Friends Garden at Great Ormond Street Hospital

I walked to the top of Great Ormond Street hospital into the Friends Garden which was opened in 2008.

The view of London from the garden is amazing as it can be seen  from the photos below

Walking through Great Ormond Street hospital

Library staff  often go through great Ormond Street Hospitals for   meetings or to help GOSH staff with Library matters.

As I was walking through it last week a couple of murals got my attention and I thought I would share them.

Library food and drink regulations


Food & Drink Regulations change in Quiet Reading Room

On 20 January, we changed our food and drink regulations for the Quiet Reading Room. The room remains a no food zone, but lidded drinks are now allowed. Drinks in open containers are banned. A fine of £5 will be imposed for violations.

UCL Library Services launch new bibliometrics webpages

UCL Library Services is improving support for researchers in a number of areas of the research lifecycle, in line with the goals of the Library Strategy (2015-18). One of these areas is support for bibliometrics and they have just launched of new bibliometrics web pages. 

Bibliometrics is concerned with the analysis of research based on citation counts and patterns. The measures used are also commonly referred to as bibliometrics, or citation metrics.
The web pages bring together information to support UCL researchers, students and other staff with an interest in bibliometrics for informing research, supporting applications for funding or jobs, or comparing research output with other groups or institutions. They include information on  what bibliometrics are different types of bibliometrics UCL’s policy on the use of bibliometrics and their relevance in the wider contextinformation on bibliometrics support and training available at UCL and beyondFor further information, guidance or suppo…