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General Election Websites - views from UCL

UCL Public Policy is coordinating a dedicated UCL site for the period of the election, bringing together all of the relevant news, analysis and events from across UCL

24/7 library opening

The UCL  Main and Science libraries and the Cruciform Hub have extended their opening hours over weekends, so that students  can use the study spaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

British Library support for postgraduate students and researchers

British Library Reference EnquiryService staff now offer free Discovery and 1-2-1 sessions for researchers and postgraduate students who have recently acquired a British Library Readers Pass. The sessions aim to introduce particular areas of the British Library’s collections and to provide general guidance on how to search their catalogues, find and order material and make the most of the resources available.
Further information about the sessions and how to book a place is available on the British Library’s Reader Sessions webpage at

32 e-books on the Elsevier eLibrary platform

Library Services has subscribed to 32 e-books on the Elsevier eLibrary platform ( These are textbooks in high demand by medical students and the service allows them to be downloaded for 7 days at a time.

Share the space

In response to student feedback, Library Services are piloting a new #ShareTheSpace scheme in several libraries (including the Cruciform Hub and the Royal Free Hospital Medical Library) to help make it fairer for students who are waiting for a study space. Anyone taking a break from studying for more than 30 minutes will be asked to remove their belongings to make the study space available for another student. The scheme launches at the start of Term 3 on 24th April and will be evaluated after the exam period.

Exam success guide

The examination period is an understandably stressful time, and very few of us can honestly say that we don't get at least a little nervous before sitting an exam! As much as we might sometimes dislike them, exams are in most cases an essential means of assessment, and they're nothing to be afraid of!
This  exam success guide will help you perform at your best of your ability on the day and get the best possible results. It'll show you how to become a revision champion, and will give you all the tips, advice, handy apps and other resources you need to own organisation, conquer concentration and master motivation.