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Future Medicine

UCL currently subscribes to two titles from Future Medicine publishers, Nanomedicine and Regenerative Medicine. We now have a trial of all other Future Medicine journals, until 21 February 2009. The titles available are:

Aging Health
Biomarkers in Medicine
Future Cardiology
Future HIV Therapy
Future Lipidology
Future Microbiology
Future Neurology
Future Oncology
Future Rheumatology
Future Virology
Pediatric Health
Personalized Medicine
Women’s Health

If these titles are of interest to you, please send your feedback to

We say good bye to.. we say welcome back to....

We say goodbye to Hannah Shotton, our library assistant who has replaced Sui Jing Ly during her maternity leave. We have enjoyed working with Hannah and we wish her well for the future

We say welcome back to Jing after her maternity leave. Jing has started working in the library again on 10th November.

We also say good bye to our Clinical Librarian Ruth Muscat who is moving to the Royal Free Hospital Library.

Access to the library after hours

Staff and postgraduate students who are members of the library and who work or study at ICH or GOS can obtain access to the library at any time during normal Institute opening hours, from 08.00 – 22.45, seven days a week.

To access the library outside staffed hours, your photo-ID badge must be encoded at the ICH reception desk. This will only be done after you have registered to join the library.

If you wish to stay in the library after 21.00, you must sign in at the ICH reception desk.

If anyone has problem accessing the library after hours they need to be referred to the ICH Reception Desk where advice as to how they might obtain out of
hours access in the future will be given.

If someone has left something in The Library, Reception staff can escort
them to retrieve their property.

New Source Books

A selection of recent additions to the Source Collection:

A selection of electronic resources added to the Source Website:

A full list of New Books added to the Source Collection and Library is available through the Library Catalogue (use the link to the right hand side of the opening screen).

You can also view a list of information resources that have recently been added to the Source Website.