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NHS Athens National Core Content from April 2015

Please see below for details of the databases and journals available using your NHS Athens Account from 1st April 2015.

A more comprehensive range of journals and databases, including Medline and PsychInfo via OVID, is still available onsite via UCL explore access points.

Update: How to buy Endnote at a discounted price with the Educational Licence for GOSH staff

The process for purchasing EndNote with a discounted Educational License has recently changed for GOSH staff.

Follow the below link and purchase the discounted license, entering a GOSH email address when prompted.
EndNote is available as a Download (£72) or a CD (£75)

Update to ‘New Library Food and Drink Regulations’

We have updated our food and drink regulations. The regulations remain essentially unchanged, but a clear explanation of what is meant by ‘snacks’ has been added. Our library notices will be altered to reflect this.
This clarification was thought necessary because some of our readers were misinterpreting the word ‘snack’ and were eating what can more accurately be described as meals in the library.
According to our updated policy: ‘Snacks are taken to be a small amount of food consumed between meals. Library staff reserve the right to interpret this rule and have the final say on whether food is a meal or snack. As a general guide, however: if eating it requires a fork, spoon or chopsticks, the item being consumed is not a snack’.
Readers are also reminded that no food or drink, apart from water, is allowed in the quiet reading room.
Comments on this and other matters can be sent to