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Survey of UCL researchers

In December 2009, UCL Library Services surveyed UCL's researchers, asking them to rate library facilities and services and to express their priorities in terms of us supporting UCL's research. The results of this survey are now publicly available on our web pages, at

Printing from RoamNet

Log in to CLUSTER WTS or STAFF WTS If they are not installed on your computer either install CLUSTER WTS for students and STAFF WTS for staff or alternatively access them via the web through the following link: a printer, for the ICH library choose UCL53ps.Go to the print release station and log in as usual, you will then be able to print

UCL ID cards -some news

UCL ID cards are normally issued by UCL Security Systems in the Andrew Huxley Building. Find a link to a map: The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.45pm. You need to bring one form of ID (e.g. bank card, driving licence, your ICH/GOSH card)

Consultants with UCL honorary contracts who cannot get to the Andrew Huxley building over at UCL can send an electronic photo of themselves to and can then send someone else to collect the card. Security Systems won't send the cards by post but they can be collected by their PA for example as long as when they send their photos from their email they state who is going to collect it on their behalf.

The photos need to be similar to passpart photos, so no sun glasses, hats etc.

For more information on ID cards please see the following website:

Evidence for resource-poor settings via TRIP

TRIP, the evidence-based search engine, has launched an initiative to help identify evidence suitable for resource-poor or developing world settings. TRIP is aiming to create a searchable set of data relevant to such settings.

Users of TRIP will be able to click on a 'Developing World' link if they believe an article is appropriate for a resource-poor setting. If two or more separate people click on the link then the article will be deemed suitable for inclusion in this sub-set of TRIP resources.

More information can be found on the TRIP Blog.