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How to request items from the UCL store

From Monday 6th July people will be able to start requesting our books and journals which have been sent to the UCL Store.

How to request items from Store:

There are 3 ways to request Store material:
1. By completing the Web store request form at:
2. By completing the store request form in eUCLid (UCL Library Catalogue)
3. By email to if you cannot access the form

Please fill in as much detail as possible and do include your full name, contact number or email and Library barcode number.

The UCL Store requires the following information to process requests:
For a periodical: the full journal title and volume/part nos., page nos. and date, plus the location.
For a book: the author's name, the title, the date of the work, and the classmark.
For a thesis: the author's name, the date of the work and the title.

When and how to collect your request

Users can choose to pick up requested Stores material from ICH, the Science, Cruciform, Eastma…

One week closure of the library

As well as the temporary closure of the reading room advertised last week, due to additional electrical work the whole library will close *for one week only * from 29th June to 3rd July.

We will be posting further updates on this library blog as the work proceeds

Closure of the Reading Room

Due to alterations to the reading room (which will allow the R&D office to move back into the ICH main building), this area of the library will be closed from Monday 22 June through to mid-September.

During this period we hope to maintain library services as best as possible. The main part of the library will remain open as usual. Access to the library photocopiers and PCs (including those connected to the GOSH network) will be unaffected by the building work. "Out of hours" access to the library will still be available, although there will be far fewer study spaces during this period.

The following summarises how to locate stock during this period:

Current journals - these will still be accessible in the main part of the library
Recent journals - many of these will still be accessible in the main part of the library. If you cannot find the title you are after, please ask library staff
Older journals - you will probably need to request these items from the UCL store. Items r…