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Core Nursing titles available via NHS Athens

Core Nursing Titles available with NHS Athens

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Printing from the Cluster PCs

Printing from the "cluster" PCs (ie those requiring UCL logins) has changed.

In line with the other open access/training rooms in ICH we have implemented UCL print charging. This service is explained in more detail at

This means that all printing will be charged to your UCL print account (students are provided with £12 credit for printing at 5p per sheet), and you will need to login to the print workstation in order to print out your references. Instructions are provided next to this terminal.

Additional credit can be purchased on-line at htpps:// or by using the cash payment machines located in the UCL DMS Watson (Science Library).

If you do not want to pay for printing we recommend you download references onto a USB pen.

Library cluster PCs - update

Three of the four "walk-in" PCs are now running. These PCs allow access to the UCL e-journals, NHS Evidence and a wide range of electronic databases. We are still awaiting a printer for these PCs but references may be saved to a USB pen.

To use these PCs, you need to login using your library barcode and PIN (please ask library staff if you don't know your PIN).

Library PC Cluster

Currently we have four PCs working in the Library cluster. To access these you need to login using your UCL computing account. If you wish to print out, there is a separate print workstation, with paper charged at 5p per sheet. Please ask library staff if you need any assistance using these facilities.

We are still awaiting UCL Computing & Library Services attending to the remaining PCs which will allow access to e-journals and databases using your library barcode and PIN. We apologise for the continued inconvenience to GOSH colleagues over the non-availability of these machines.