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Improvements of the administration of the NHS Athens accounts

Release 4.4 of the National Library for Health website included a number of improvements to the NHS Athens self registration processes as well as making the benefits of registration clearer.

The most visible change for existing account holders, is the login area on the National Library for Health website that has been relocated to the top right corner of the page, providing a consistent place for login/logout.

From the header users will also be able to access a new My Account page that includes information about their account and provides links for them to change their registered organisation (if they move from one Trust to another, for example). They can also change their email address and/or password.

Further improvements include:
- Being able to sign-in with either your username or your registered NHS Athens account e-mail address
- Being able to recover forgotten passwords more easily
- Being able to get an automatic email 28 days before your account is due to expire
- Being able to…

Researcher ID and the h-index

One of the measures now commonly used to assess researcher profiles is the H Factor, a citation index. This is increasingly being used in processes such as assessment of institutions, for instance as a metric to demonstrate excellence of the paediatric theme within UCL Partners, as well as in consideration for senior promotions.

There is a variety of web based tools to calculate H Factor, but each operates differently and therefore gives slightly different results. UCL has opted to use (an e-mail was sent from David Price to encourage all researchers to retrieve this information).

The library is offering clinics on how to register for a Researcher ID, how to find your h-index bd how to create a PDF with the details.

The first clinic is on 12th December 10.00-11.00 in training room 1 of the Institute of Child Health.

More clinics will be offered on demand