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ICH PhDs and Theses

All ICH PhDs and Theses have now been sent to the UCL Store at Wickford. Any of these may be requested via the Stores Service for delivery the following day (assuming the request is made before 3pm).

This is the first stage in the major relocation of our stock which is part of the redevelopment plans for the reading room area. Major work starts on the reading room from the end of June 2009 and we will keep you updated here.

SFX links in google scholar

Google Scholar can display SFX links that show whether articles are available to UCL users. As in other databases, the SFX links indicate if an article is available electronically via UCL’s subscriptions (or freely), and also allow you to search the UCL Library catalogue (and other catalogues) for print.

A large link, labelled “SFX@UCL - Fulltext” will appear if UCL has the item electronically. A smaller link, labelled simply “SFX@UCL”, below the citation, indicates that UCL may have the item in print.

The easiest way to see UCL’s SFX links in Google Scholar is to use the link to Google Scholar in the UCL Libraries A-Z databases list: . (An alternative is to set UCL in your Scholar Preferences.)

Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures Anatomy is now available to GOSH staff via Athens. Primal Picture Anatomy is an award-winning interactive 3D human anatomy. Rotate, peel away layers and export images.

Primal Pictures features more than 6,500 three-dimensional anatomy models that focus on individual organs, regions of the body and anatomical systems. The models are derived from medical scan data and adapted by graphic specialists. Animations illustrate accurate anatomical function, biomechanics and movement, as well as treatments and surgical procedures.

e-Learning for Healthcare Adolescent Health Project

e-LfH (e-learning for healthcare), in partnership with The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, have now launched the Adolescent Health e-Learning webpage:

The Adolescent Health e-learning project, delivered by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), is committed to improving the health outcomes and experiences of all young people who come into the care of healthcare professionals. The materials have been written by subject specialists and experts in their particular field and have been subjected to extensive peer review.

A range of modules has been divided into topics and sessions, pitched at differing levels to suit the educational needs of a variety of healthcare professionals working with adolescents.

BMJ Learning

BMJ Learning is now available to London healthcare staff via Athens. it can be access at the following webpage:

First time users will need to register on the BMJ Learning website after they have logged in with their Athens username and password, and then "Sign in". If users already have a username and password with BMJ Learning, this can be used inconjunction with their NHS Athens username.

BMJ Learning is the leading continuing professional development (CPD) and postgraduate training website for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
All modules are written by world renowned experts, peer reviewed and edited by doctors.

NHS Evidence

From today, 1st April 2009, the National Library for Health (NLH) has transferred to NICE and become NHS Evidence. NHS Evidence will go live on 30 April 2009.

NHS Evidence will provide an integrated online portal and a comprehensive source of fast, free, relevant and trustworthy information about clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice. Health and social care professionals have been closely involved with the design and development of the service, and it has been tested by clinicians throughout its development to ensure it meets their needs. The first version incorporates the best of the National Library for Health; further enhancements will be in place by autumn 2009 and a strong emphasis on quality assurance of information is expected.

For more information please visit the NHS Evidence pages.