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Free e-journal access for UCL Alumni

In  partnership with UCL Library Services, the Development and Alumni Relations Office can now offer UCL alumni free access to thousands of online academic journals. To start using the digital libraries, please click on the links below and enter your Alumni Web Community (AWC) log-in and password when prompted.  Information about the terms and conditions of use can be found online, together with the answers to frequently asked questions.

JSTOR hosts back issues of more than 2,000 academic journals from the social sciences, humanities and sciences. Back issues are defined by JSTOR as those published more than five years ago.
Sage's portfolio contains more than 750 journals spanning the humanities, social sciences, science, technology and medicine.
Project Muse
  Project Muse provides access to 500 journals across the
  humanities and social sciences.

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Merry Christmas

The UCL ICH Library staff wish all our Library users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year