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Current Protocols in Neuroscience

UCL students and staff now have access to the Wiley reference work Current Protocols in Neuroscience. Select the link to the archive on the publication home page to view the core publication, from 1997, and all subsequent supplements.

Cambridge University Press E-books

UCL and Cambridge University Press are currently participating in an ebooks project, which gives us access to over 700 titles in various subject areas including medicine, psychology and zoology.
The ebooks are hosted on the MyiLibrary platform, where you can browse and search the titles that are part of the project.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online is now available to UCL users. This resource comprises fully searchable bilingual dictionaries in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. The content available is the full A-Z text (both sides of the dictionary) from Oxford’s unabridged bilingual dictionaries (French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish); the Chinese dictionary is currently the Pocket Oxford Chinese.) Supplementary material from the dictionaries, and study guides, are also available.

Get WISE with Moodle !

WISE for Biomedical and Life Sciences, the comprehensive guide to finding and using information from UCL Library Services, is now available in Moodle.

Whether you’re a new student or an experienced researcher, WISE can help you to discover the most valuable information for your topic, and help you make the best use of it!

Previous users will notice that with the move to Moodle existing WISE modules have been given a new look, with simplified navigation and the introduction of interactive tutorials. More interactive elements will be added soon, including opportunities to test your skills and log your progress.

Use WISE for Biomedical and Life Sciences to:
Understand which online resources are best for your subject.
Learn how to search for biomedical and life sciences information effectively.
Understand how to assess the quality of information
Learn how to cite references correctly.
Learn how to manage your references using Reference Manager.
Understand how to avoid plagiarism.

To acc…

Anti Virus Software

ICH staff and students needing anti virus software can download it from the UCL website. For instructions and downloads please go to the following website:

We no longer keep the disks in the library. The software can also be downloaded from the UCL website:

In order to download the program people will need to enter their UCL username and password

New UCL e-journals list - firewall settings

Some users are experiencing problems related to local firewall settings when accessing the new ejournals list off-site. The errors vary depending on the specific firewall and browser, but can generally be characterised as “access denied” messages. The solution is to make sure that the addresses and are explicitly permitted for traffic through your (or your organisation’s) firewall. If the problem is to do with your firewall at home, you’ll need to consult the documentation for whichever package you use (F-Secure, Norton, ZoneAlarm etc.) The section will probably be called “Firewall”. There should be something like a set of “Rules” or a “Trusted Zone” that allows you to specify sites and port numbers that should be allowed through the firewall.

Access to Medline, Embase, PsycINFO and other databases is changing

Access to Medline, Embase, PsycINFO and other databases is changing! If you have saved searches or alerts on Silverplatter / WebSPIRS databases you must transfer them before the end of September.

Many key biomedical databases for UCL staff and students are now available through a new interface called OvidSP. OvidSP has replaced Silverplatter / WebSPIRS, to provide more up to date references and new search features. From 1st October databases will no longer be available through the Silverplatter / WebSPIRS interface and all saved searches will be lost.

Databases now available through OvidSP include:
Biotechnology Abstracts
HAPI (Health and Psychosocial Instruments)
HMIC (Health Management Information Consortium)

Other resources accessible through OvidSP include a selection of ejournals and ebooks, including PsycBOOKS.

To access databases through OvidSP, link through the Library webpages:…

Biomedical and Life Sciences backfiles from Sage

UCL users now have access to the following Sage backfiles (older journal content):

American Journal of Sports Medicine, The Vol. 1, 1972-
Journal of Health Psychology Vol. 1, 1996-
Neuroscientist, The Vol. 1, 1995-

Oncology and Haematology backfiles

UCL now has access to the Wiley-Blackwell Oncology and Hematology backfile collection, which comprises the older content of the following fifteen titles:

American Journal of Hematology Vol. 1, 1976-
Diagnostic Cytopathology Vol. 1, 1985-
Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (first published as Environmental Mutagenesis) Vol. 1, 1979-
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer Vol. 1, 1989-
Head & Neck Surgery (currently known as Head & Neck) Vol. 1, 1978-
Hematological Oncology Vol. 1, 1983-
International Journal of Cancer Vol. 1, 1966-
Journal of Clinical Apheresis Vol. 1, 1982-
Journal of Surgical Oncology Vol. 1, 1969-
Molecular Carcinogenesis Vol. 1, 1988-
Medical and Pediatric Oncology (currently known as Pediatric Blood and Cancer) Vol. 1, 1975-
Psycho-oncology Vol. 1, 1992-
Radiation Oncology Investigations (merged into International Journal of Cancer in 2000) Vol. 1, 1993-Vol. 7, 1999
Seminars in Surgical Oncology (merged into Journal of Surgical Oncology in 2004) Vol. 1, 1985-Vol. 21, 2003

Psychology backfiles

UCL Library Services has bought the Wiley-Blackwell Psychology backfile collection.

This includes the pre-1996 content of the following journals in psychology, infant, child and adolescent development, psychoanalysis and psychiatry:
Aggressive Behavior Vol. 1, 1974-
Applied Cognitive Psychology Vol. 1, 1987-
Behavioral Interventions Vol. 1, 1986-
Behavioral Sciences & the Law Vol. 1, 1983-
Child Abuse Review Vol. 1, 1992-
European Eating Disorders Review Vol. 1, 1993-
European Journal of Personality Vol. 1, 1987-
European Journal of Social Psychology Vol. 1, 1971-
Early Development and Parenting (now known as Infant & Child Development) Vol. 1, 1992-
Infant Mental Health Journal Vol. 1, 1980-
International Journal of Eating Disorders Vol. 1, 1981-
Journal of Clinical Psychology Vol. 1 1945-
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology Vol. 1, 1991-
Journal of Community Psychology Vol. 1, 1973-
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences Vol. 1, 1965-
Journal of Traumatic Stress V…

New ejournals list

UCL now has a new ejournals service. This comprises an A-Z list with SFX links to full text, much improved search functionality, subject lists, links to major ejournal collections and lists of journals by publisher. Please note that if you want to browse the contents of a journal, do not enter any year, volume, issue or page information in the SFX box: simply click "go" next to the full-text link and you will be taken to the journal home page.

Users who like browsing for a title can click to go to a particular start letter and its subsets. Alternatively, select the "starts with" radio button and enter the first word(s) of the title (Nature, for example) to narrow your browsing.

You can add journals to your list of favourites, using the plus button next to titles: this makes it easy to find journals that you use frequently.

Closing the gap in a generation

August 28th saw the launch of the final report by WHO's Commission on Social Determinants of Health, chaired by Michael Marmot from University College London, UK. The full report, and related resources, can be downloaded from the World Health Organization website.

The Commission, launched in March 2005, brings together leading scientists and practitioners to provide evidence on policies that improve health by addressing the social conditions which people live and work. It collaborates with countries to support policy change and monitor results.