New ejournals list

UCL now has a new ejournals service. This comprises an A-Z list with SFX links to full text, much improved search functionality, subject lists, links to major ejournal collections and lists of journals by publisher. Please note that if you want to browse the contents of a journal, do not enter any year, volume, issue or page information in the SFX box: simply click "go" next to the full-text link and you will be taken to the journal home page.

Users who like browsing for a title can click to go to a particular start letter and its subsets. Alternatively, select the "starts with" radio button and enter the first word(s) of the title (Nature, for example) to narrow your browsing.

You can add journals to your list of favourites, using the plus button next to titles: this makes it easy to find journals that you use frequently.


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