Oncology and Haematology backfiles

UCL now has access to the Wiley-Blackwell Oncology and Hematology backfile collection, which comprises the older content of the following fifteen titles:

American Journal of Hematology Vol. 1, 1976-
Diagnostic Cytopathology Vol. 1, 1985-
Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis (first published as Environmental Mutagenesis) Vol. 1, 1979-
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer Vol. 1, 1989-
Head & Neck Surgery (currently known as Head & Neck) Vol. 1, 1978-
Hematological Oncology Vol. 1, 1983-
International Journal of Cancer Vol. 1, 1966-
Journal of Clinical Apheresis Vol. 1, 1982-
Journal of Surgical Oncology Vol. 1, 1969-
Molecular Carcinogenesis Vol. 1, 1988-
Medical and Pediatric Oncology (currently known as Pediatric Blood and Cancer) Vol. 1, 1975-
Psycho-oncology Vol. 1, 1992-
Radiation Oncology Investigations (merged into International Journal of Cancer in 2000) Vol. 1, 1993-Vol. 7, 1999
Seminars in Surgical Oncology (merged into Journal of Surgical Oncology in 2004) Vol. 1, 1985-Vol. 21, 2003
Prostate, The Vol. 1, 1980-


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