Psychology backfiles

UCL Library Services has bought the Wiley-Blackwell Psychology backfile collection.

This includes the pre-1996 content of the following journals in psychology, infant, child and adolescent development, psychoanalysis and psychiatry:
Aggressive Behavior Vol. 1, 1974-
Applied Cognitive Psychology Vol. 1, 1987-
Behavioral Interventions Vol. 1, 1986-
Behavioral Sciences & the Law Vol. 1, 1983-
Child Abuse Review Vol. 1, 1992-
European Eating Disorders Review Vol. 1, 1993-
European Journal of Personality Vol. 1, 1987-
European Journal of Social Psychology Vol. 1, 1971-
Early Development and Parenting (now known as Infant & Child Development) Vol. 1, 1992-
Infant Mental Health Journal Vol. 1, 1980-
International Journal of Eating Disorders Vol. 1, 1981-
Journal of Clinical Psychology Vol. 1 1945-
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology Vol. 1, 1991-
Journal of Community Psychology Vol. 1, 1973-
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences Vol. 1, 1965-
Journal of Traumatic Stress Vol. 1, 1988-
New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development Issue 1, 1978-
New Directions for Mental Health Services (now known as New Directions for Youth Development) Issue 1, 1979-
Psychology in the Schools Vol. 1, 1964-
Stress Medicine (now known as Stress and Health) Vol. 1, 1985-


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