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BMJ Learning available to GOSH and to ICH staff

BMJ Learning is now available to GOSH staff via Athens and to ICH staff via their UCL username and password.

BMJ Learmomg is an online learning resources for professionals in primary care and hospital medicine. Learning resources are based on the BMJ Clinical Evidence. Requires Athens login and then additional registration and login.

Includes a learning needs assessment area, learning plan and record, learning resources, details of courses and conferences, and discussion forums. Areas for GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and managers

To acces it please follow this link:

Changes in the PubMed interface

Please note that there have been some changes to the PubMed interface. The search screen looks a little different but the features you are used to using are still available (some features can now be found in the 'Advanced Search' area). If you have any problems using the new interface, please contact the library for help & advice.

Bentham Science Journals Online Trial

UCL e-journals has set up trial access to Bentham Science journals which will run until 23rd December 2009.

All Bentham Science journals are included in the trial. UCL currently subscribes to three Bentham Science titles: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, Current Medicinal Chemistry, and Recent Patents on Biotechnology. Other key titles accessible during the trial include: Current Alzheimer Research Current Drug Metabolism Current Drug Targets Current Molecular Medicine Current Pharmaceutical Design Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry To see a full list of titles included in the trial go to

Please send any feedback direct to

New Journal - International Health

International Health is a new Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene quarterly journal featuring original peer-reviewed articles and review reflecting health care delivery and analysis in the field of global medicine and international health. It is of particular interest to those tasked with the delivery of care to communities where resources are extremely limited.

The current issue is freely available online and subsequent issues will be available through the UCL E-journals List. Print copies are also available in the ICH Library.

Core Nursing titles available via NHS Athens

Core Nursing Titles available with NHS Athens

Please see post above

Printing from the Cluster PCs

Printing from the "cluster" PCs (ie those requiring UCL logins) has changed.

In line with the other open access/training rooms in ICH we have implemented UCL print charging. This service is explained in more detail at

This means that all printing will be charged to your UCL print account (students are provided with £12 credit for printing at 5p per sheet), and you will need to login to the print workstation in order to print out your references. Instructions are provided next to this terminal.

Additional credit can be purchased on-line at htpps:// or by using the cash payment machines located in the UCL DMS Watson (Science Library).

If you do not want to pay for printing we recommend you download references onto a USB pen.

Library cluster PCs - update

Three of the four "walk-in" PCs are now running. These PCs allow access to the UCL e-journals, NHS Evidence and a wide range of electronic databases. We are still awaiting a printer for these PCs but references may be saved to a USB pen.

To use these PCs, you need to login using your library barcode and PIN (please ask library staff if you don't know your PIN).

Library PC Cluster

Currently we have four PCs working in the Library cluster. To access these you need to login using your UCL computing account. If you wish to print out, there is a separate print workstation, with paper charged at 5p per sheet. Please ask library staff if you need any assistance using these facilities.

We are still awaiting UCL Computing & Library Services attending to the remaining PCs which will allow access to e-journals and databases using your library barcode and PIN. We apologise for the continued inconvenience to GOSH colleagues over the non-availability of these machines.

How to request an inter-library loan

Inter-library loans should be requested online.

You can fill in an online form via the UCL online catalogue at

Click on the "ILL" option at the top of the library catalogue page. You will need to sign in with your libary barcode (on the back of your ID badge) and PIN number (ask at the library issue desk if you don't know your PIN).

Once you have signed in, choose the material type you want to request, either

bookconference proceedingreportthesisjournal or journal article
Please complete a separate request form for each item:

multi-volume books - one form per volume requiredjournal articles - one form per articlemulti-articles in a journal issue/conference proceedings - one form per issue/conference
Please note: UK copyright law does not allow more than one article to be photocopied from the same bound issue or volume.

Please remember to read and sign the copyright declaration if requesting a photocopy. To comply with UK copyright law the details and sig…

How to reserve a book online

You can reserve books online only if ALL copies or all those copies with the same loan period are on loan in a particular library site.You can request standard and one week loans, but NOT overnight or reference copies.If a book is on loan to somebody else, a due date is shown on the eUCLid catalogue and a Request link is displayed. You are limited to three reservations at any one time.
To place the request via eUCLId:

1) From the eUCLid catalogue record select a copy of the book from the library site and with the loan period you want

2) Click on the Request link on the left-hand side of the screen

3) You will be prompted to enter the following
Barcode (= the number on the back of your library/UCL ID card)PIN code = the four figure/letter code unique to you (ask at the library issue desk if you don't know yours)Click Go 4) You willreceivean email when the book is ready for you to collect from the issue desk. You have one week to collect an item, after which it will be returned to th…

RefWorks available for NHS staff

RefWorks is now available for trialling for all staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital from 1st August to 31st October 2009.

RefWorks is a web based reference management software

In order to access it please follow this link
click on Athens users and enter your NHS Athens password

With RefWorks you can:
create your own personal database
import references from your institution's databases
automatically format your papers and bibliographies

For further information and training guides for RefWorks please visit

Fines on overdue items

In line with UCL Library Services policy, we will be starting to charge fines on overdue library stock from 3rd August 2009.

The charges will be 30p per day on 1 week loan items and 20p per day on standard (8 week) loans.

For more information on UCL Libraries policies on loans please follow this link:

New Library Catalogue

From 3rd August we will change our library system and move onto Aleph which is the system that other UCL Libraries are currently using.

This means that our online catalogue will change and from next week and we will be using eUCLid, the UCL Libraries catalogue. In order to check our stock, you will need to follow this link:

UCL ID cards needed to borrow books from the library

From Monday 3rd August, in order to borrow books, ICH staff and students will need to get a UCL card. This is because records are entered onto the Aleph system directly from UCL registry for students and from UCL HR for staff. The advantage of this is that ICH staff and students won't need to fill out a form in order to join the library and will use the same card for using all UCL libraries. However you will need to go and collect your UCL card if you haven't got one. For information on how to get a card please see this link:

Changes to access for electronic Library resources -Shibboleth

From 1 August 2009, in common with many other UK universities, UCL will no longer be using the "Athens" login for access to electronic library resources. The Athens login service now incurs an institutional subscription.

You may still see links labelled "Athens login" on various resources, but you will have to take a different route to log in.

The easier way to access all resources is through the lists of electronic journals and databases available on the UCL Library Services website ( and

This will guarantee that you get free access to all the resources to which you are entitled. If you are on-site you will not need to log in to resources. If you are off-site, you will be prompted for your UCL userid and password automatically.

If you wish you can also login directly from the website of the resource. Previously, you would have looked for a link labelled "Athens login". Now y…

Library Re-opens

Following our re-opening this morning you may like to note the following:

1. Study spaces are now limited and located in the Source area of the library (ie towards the Guilford Street end). Please note there are four study spaces in the area directly facing Guilford Street.

2. Since most of our stock is now located at the UCL Wickford store, we have added instructions on how to request items on this blog, and as an FAQ. You do not need to come to the library in order to request items from store as you can either complete an online request form.

Further updates on the refurbishment will be posted on this blog.

How to request items from the UCL store

From Monday 6th July people will be able to start requesting our books and journals which have been sent to the UCL Store.

How to request items from Store:

There are 3 ways to request Store material:
1. By completing the Web store request form at:
2. By completing the store request form in eUCLid (UCL Library Catalogue)
3. By email to if you cannot access the form

Please fill in as much detail as possible and do include your full name, contact number or email and Library barcode number.

The UCL Store requires the following information to process requests:
For a periodical: the full journal title and volume/part nos., page nos. and date, plus the location.
For a book: the author's name, the title, the date of the work, and the classmark.
For a thesis: the author's name, the date of the work and the title.

When and how to collect your request

Users can choose to pick up requested Stores material from ICH, the Science, Cruciform, Eastma…

One week closure of the library

As well as the temporary closure of the reading room advertised last week, due to additional electrical work the whole library will close *for one week only * from 29th June to 3rd July.

We will be posting further updates on this library blog as the work proceeds

Closure of the Reading Room

Due to alterations to the reading room (which will allow the R&D office to move back into the ICH main building), this area of the library will be closed from Monday 22 June through to mid-September.

During this period we hope to maintain library services as best as possible. The main part of the library will remain open as usual. Access to the library photocopiers and PCs (including those connected to the GOSH network) will be unaffected by the building work. "Out of hours" access to the library will still be available, although there will be far fewer study spaces during this period.

The following summarises how to locate stock during this period:

Current journals - these will still be accessible in the main part of the library
Recent journals - many of these will still be accessible in the main part of the library. If you cannot find the title you are after, please ask library staff
Older journals - you will probably need to request these items from the UCL store. Items r…

EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service)

EThOS is a new British Library service aimed at providing digital copies of UK PhD theses direct to the researcher, over the web.

It is a database containing over 250,000 UK theses with the added functionality to enable the requesting of digital copies of selected theses.Researchers do not need to be registered with the system to search the database, but will need to register if they wish to request a digital copy of a thesis.

Many of the participating UK institutions support Open Access to their theses, so downloads of these digital and digitised theses are free to the researcher. UCL is an Open Access sponsor.

Where a thesis must be digitised before supply, there will be a short delay before it is accessible. However, the requester will be informed when the thesis is available and can then log on to the system and download the thesis. The theses are supplied as zipped pdfs.

Alternative formats (CD or paper) are also available for purchase.EThOS can only offer the theses of participating…

PsycARTICLES available for GOSH staff

PsycARTICLES® is a database of full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing Group.

The database includes all substantive material from the print journals but does not include nonarticle content such as ads, covers, editorial board lists, and the like.

PsycARTICLES is recognized worldwide as a leading full text source for academic, research and practice literature in psychology and related disciplines.

It is avaliable to GOSH staff via their NHS Athens password. To access it go to: on MyAthens enter your NHS Athens password click on local resources, then on Ovid and the link to PsycARTICLES is there.

Titles currently available include:

APA Journals
American Psychologist
Behavioral Neuroscience
Developmental Psychology
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
Health Psychology
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Appl…

NHS Evidence

NHS Evidence is live as from today, the National Library for Health (NLH) has become part of NHS Evidence.

After today the majority of the National Library for Health website functions will continue as people currently know them – however the website has been rebranded in both colour (blue) and in name – NHS Evidence information resources. The NLH URL will still reroute people to the site for the time being and also be able to be redirected from the NHS Evidence portal to the information resources website.

ICH PhDs and Theses

All ICH PhDs and Theses have now been sent to the UCL Store at Wickford. Any of these may be requested via the Stores Service for delivery the following day (assuming the request is made before 3pm).

This is the first stage in the major relocation of our stock which is part of the redevelopment plans for the reading room area. Major work starts on the reading room from the end of June 2009 and we will keep you updated here.

SFX links in google scholar

Google Scholar can display SFX links that show whether articles are available to UCL users. As in other databases, the SFX links indicate if an article is available electronically via UCL’s subscriptions (or freely), and also allow you to search the UCL Library catalogue (and other catalogues) for print.

A large link, labelled “SFX@UCL - Fulltext” will appear if UCL has the item electronically. A smaller link, labelled simply “SFX@UCL”, below the citation, indicates that UCL may have the item in print.

The easiest way to see UCL’s SFX links in Google Scholar is to use the link to Google Scholar in the UCL Libraries A-Z databases list: . (An alternative is to set UCL in your Scholar Preferences.)

Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures Anatomy is now available to GOSH staff via Athens. Primal Picture Anatomy is an award-winning interactive 3D human anatomy. Rotate, peel away layers and export images.

Primal Pictures features more than 6,500 three-dimensional anatomy models that focus on individual organs, regions of the body and anatomical systems. The models are derived from medical scan data and adapted by graphic specialists. Animations illustrate accurate anatomical function, biomechanics and movement, as well as treatments and surgical procedures.

e-Learning for Healthcare Adolescent Health Project

e-LfH (e-learning for healthcare), in partnership with The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, have now launched the Adolescent Health e-Learning webpage:

The Adolescent Health e-learning project, delivered by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), is committed to improving the health outcomes and experiences of all young people who come into the care of healthcare professionals. The materials have been written by subject specialists and experts in their particular field and have been subjected to extensive peer review.

A range of modules has been divided into topics and sessions, pitched at differing levels to suit the educational needs of a variety of healthcare professionals working with adolescents.

BMJ Learning

BMJ Learning is now available to London healthcare staff via Athens. it can be access at the following webpage:

First time users will need to register on the BMJ Learning website after they have logged in with their Athens username and password, and then "Sign in". If users already have a username and password with BMJ Learning, this can be used inconjunction with their NHS Athens username.

BMJ Learning is the leading continuing professional development (CPD) and postgraduate training website for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
All modules are written by world renowned experts, peer reviewed and edited by doctors.

NHS Evidence

From today, 1st April 2009, the National Library for Health (NLH) has transferred to NICE and become NHS Evidence. NHS Evidence will go live on 30 April 2009.

NHS Evidence will provide an integrated online portal and a comprehensive source of fast, free, relevant and trustworthy information about clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice. Health and social care professionals have been closely involved with the design and development of the service, and it has been tested by clinicians throughout its development to ensure it meets their needs. The first version incorporates the best of the National Library for Health; further enhancements will be in place by autumn 2009 and a strong emphasis on quality assurance of information is expected.

For more information please visit the NHS Evidence pages.

Temporary Closure of the Library

Please note that due to essential electrical work in the Library, we will be CLOSED from 9am on Friday 27 March through to the afternoon of Monday 30 March. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

ChildData available again

ChilldData available again now via OvidSP Social Policy and Practice -

ChildData gives you access to the Library’s four databases covering policy, legislation, practice and research, from current thinking to background and historical work; together with information about national and international child care organisations; press coverage of issues affecting children and young people; and details of all the major child care conferences and events. Updated monthly/quarterly.

Catalogue - books, reports and journal articles (over 68,000 entries), all with abstracts, covering the literature on children and young people. Includes full text of the Highlight series, and all articles from Children & Society, NCB’s academic journal published jointly with Wiley.

Organisations – a unique database of over 3,000 organisations, national and international, fully keyworded, and with website and e-mail links.

Children in the News – abstracted summaries (more than 23,00…

Training in Evidence-Based Practice 2009

'How to Practice Evidence-Based Child Health'

20th - 22nd May 2009

This introductory course aims to help practitioners become more efficient at using the best available evidence in their clinical and policy decisions.

The course consists of plenary seminars, small group problem-solving and appraisal sessions and practicals on searching the literature to support evidence-based practice. Key features include learning based on small multi-professional groups, a pre-course study pack, a high tutor-student ratio and opportunities for hands on searching of a variety of electronic evidence-based resources with tutor support.

Who Should Come?

The concepts taught apply to all areas of health and social
care and therefore the course is suitable for any health or
social care practitioner. Examples relevant to the care of children will be used throughout the course.
Previous experience in using research evidence to inform decisions is an advantage but not essential.

Cost: £450. Course materia…

New Source Books

A selection of recent additions to the Source Collection:

A selection of electronic resources added to the Source Website:

A full list of New Books added to the Source Collection and Library is available through the Library Catalogue (use the link to the right hand side of the opening screen).

You can also view a list of information resources that have recently been added to the Source Website.

State of the World's Children 2009

You can view the full text of The State of the World's Children 2009: maternal and newborn health on the UNICEF website.

The State of the World's Children 2009 was launched on 15th January. The report focuses on the extreme risks for pregnant mothers and newborn babies in developing countries.

Circulation journals and MIDIRS Midwifery Digest

UCL now has access to six circulation-related journals from the American Heart Association, published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins:

Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics
Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging
Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions
Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes
Circulation: Heart Failure

UCL now also has access to MIDIRS Midwifery Digest.
All of these titles are accessible via the ejournals list.

New Electronic Journal

Staff and students at the ICH can now get onsite access to the Maternal & Child Nutrition journal from volume 1, 2005 onwards.

This journal is also available in paper format in the ICH Library.

Merger with UCL Library Services

As of 1 January 2009 the Library and its staff will be managed directly via UCL Library Services. Users of the Library should notice no difference in the quality of our service and we look forward to working more closely with colleagues in other UCL medical site libraries. One change planned for this year is to change our catalogue from the existing "Unicorn" system to UCL's "eUCLid" catalogue system. This is scheduled to take place this summer. We will keep you informed of other developments through this blog.