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From 1 August 2009, in common with many other UK universities, UCL will no longer be using the "Athens" login for access to electronic library resources. The Athens login service now incurs an institutional subscription.

You may still see links labelled "Athens login" on various resources, but you will have to take a different route to log in.

The easier way to access all resources is through the lists of electronic journals and databases available on the UCL Library Services website ( and

This will guarantee that you get free access to all the resources to which you are entitled. If you are on-site you will not need to log in to resources. If you are off-site, you will be prompted for your UCL userid and password automatically.

If you wish you can also login directly from the website of the resource. Previously, you would have looked for a link labelled "Athens login". Now you should instead look for a link labelled something like:

• Institutional Login
• UK Federation Login
• Shibboleth Login

Different resources use different labels, but in each case you will then be asked which institution you belong to, and you can select UCL from a list. This will then take you to the UCL login screen
Institutional Login means that you can use your userid/password from your home institution (UCL) to access the resource (the login you use to access email and other central UCL services).

UK Federation is the group of institutions, including UCL, which uses the new login mechanism.
Shibboleth is the technology behind the new login mechanism (see


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