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Poppy appeal

We have a box of poppies in the library. Please come and buy a poppy if you would like to support the Royal British Legion

SFX article recommendation service

Following a successful trial, UCL has now launched a new article recommendation service, based on SFX. This works in a similar way to Amazon’s “Customers who bought this item also bought…” suggestions. It recommends articles that are similar to the one to which you’ve linked using SFX.The recommendations are based on actual (anonymised) SFX usage data from SFX customers around the world, including UCL, and take account of articles viewed in the same session by significant numbers of users. They offer another mechanism for finding articles on a topic, as a complement to systematic literature searches.Guide to the SFX recommendation service.

Current Contents Connect

UCL’s access to Current Contents Connect has ceased.
Users will continue to have access to Zetoc, the British Library’s electronic table of contents of journals and conference proceedings, and to alerting services in indexing and abstracting databases.

Cambridge University Press archives

UCL now has access to collections of archives from Cambridge University Press.

The collections contains older content of 65 titles, including Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Epidemiology and Infection, Geological Magazine and Visual Neuroscience.

All the titles and coverage have been added to the ejournals list.

New UCL Institute of Child Health Library website

The Institute of Child Health library website has been completely revised and re-launched in order to follow the style of the new institute of Child Health website: The new Institute of Child Health homepage fits with the UCL brand template that ICH had been asked to adopt by the faculty and it provides access to the information which academic and research staff were asked to complete on research interest and publications which is available via the "people" tab.

The link of the new library website is the following:

The website is based on UCL's Silva Content Management System. Silva is a CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websites and it is fairly easy to use.

The changeover gave us the opportunity to update all our pages and also to create new pages.

We are still working on some of the content and on some pictures. We do welcome comments and feedback. Please email your comments and fe…

Changes to UCL Library Services website

The UCL Library Services homepage has been redesigned for the start of the 2010-2011 academic session.

Now with a cleaner look and feel, the new page allows you to perform an instant search within a chosen resource and an 'In focus' section highlights items which we think might be of particular interest.

In addition, the four main categories of information have been renamed Libraries and collections, Using the library, Electronic resources and About us and hover menus provide quick access to key pages under each heading.

Library Services hope you like the changes they have made. Please note that if you are unable to find a page or piece of information which you have used previously you can e-mail them at: library [AT]

BMJ Best Practice -Trial for GOSH

Best Practice - as well as being available for ICH users is now available to Great Ormond Street staff on a trial basis till 31 December 2010.

Best Practice combines the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion in healthcare, taking a patient-focused approach that covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. To access it within the Institute you just need to click on the link above and to access it off-site you would need your UCL username and password.

Great Ormond Street staff have access to it on a trial basis till 31 December. In order to access it from GOSH or off-site an NHS Athens password is required.

To access it please click on the following link:

Metalib new features

MetaLib has been upgraded and new features including a new QuickSearch module, an ExpertSearch for tailored subject searches and new search results options have been introduced.

For more information about the new features, please visit the MetaLib information page:

Eduroam- the new UCL wireless service

Connect to UCL's wireless service using eduroam, accessible across the UCL campus and UCL buildings located throughout London.

RoamNet, the old wireless system will continue to run until September 2011, but it no longer supported. The advice of ISD if you have problems is to switch to eduroam.

For more information on Eudoram please see the following webpage:

BMJ Best Practice - UCL access

Following a successful trial, UCL now has access to BMJ Best Practice -

Best Practice combines the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion in healthcare, taking a patient-focused approach that covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

From birth to five

The 2009 edition of thebook "from Birth to Five" is freele available through the Department of Health Website:
A key Department of Health publication, Birth to Five has been revised and will be given free to all parents in England. The book is a trusted authority on all aspects of early years. By providing in-depth support, useful contact information and advice on rights and benefits, the book is an excellent addition to the support provided by the health visiting team. The book’s content has been updated to reflect new policies, changing social trends and advice and guidance. The design has been modernised to reflect a more contemporary style.

Wiley-Blackwell backfiles

UCL now has access to the complete collection of Wiley-Blackwell backfiles, comprising more than 800 titles. The titles and coverage have been added to the ejournals list. A wide range of subjects is covered; titles include:

Annals of Applied Biology
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
Language Learning
Special Care in Dentistry

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience - now available online

The Encyclopedia of the Neuroscience is now available online.

This 10 volume work explores all areas of the discipline in its focused entries on a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience. Each article is written by an expert in that specific domain and peer reviewed by the advisory board before acceptance into the encyclopedia.

Each article contains a glossary, introduction, a reference section, and cross-references to other related encyclopedia articles.

NHS ejournal packages

From 30th April 2010, two new ejournal collections: Proquest's Hospital Collection and Ovid's LWW High Impact Collection, will be available online to all NHS staff with an NHS Athens account.

Links to these ejournals will appear in your search results within the NHS Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS). You will also be able to access these collections via MyAthens.

UpToDate is Available at ICH & GOSH,on a trial basis

UpToDate is Available at ICH & GOSH on a trial basis. To access it from any ICH computer, just type
you won't require a password.

UpToDate is an up-to-date, and cross-referenced on-line evidence-based, point of care clinical resource. A community of around 4500 physician experts around the world including UK peer review and synthesize the current medical literature, incorporating the latest evidence-based medicine, providing specific, reliable and succinct “graded” clinical recommendations for all aspects of patient care and medical education in 16 clinical specialties (listed below).

1 Paediatrics
2 Endocrinology
3 Family Medicine
4 Gastroenterology & Hepatology
5 Haematology
6 Infectious Diseases
7 Internal Medicine (General Medicine)
8 Nephrology
9 Neurology
10 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
11 Oncology
12 Cardiology
13 Pulmonary (Respiratory) Medicine
14 Rheumatology
15 A & Emergency
16 Allergy & Immunology

To access it from a GOSH computer::
From Gos…

RoamNet available from both library reading rooms

RoamNet previously available just from the quiet study area in the library is now avaiable from both library reading rooms.

RoamNet is a free service which allows UCL Students and Staff to connect a PC (e.g. laptop) to the UCL Network and gain access to the Internet and Network resources (e.g. email) from hot-spots located throughout the campus.

For instructions on hot to set it up please follow this link:

Busy with exams? 24 Hour opening for UCL Main and UCL Science Libraries

The UCL Science and Main Science library will be open for 24 Hours from 19th April to Saturday 19th May.

For a list of UCL Medical Libraries and their opening hurs please see the following web page:

Oxford Reference Online

UCL now has access to Oxford Reference Online, which can be accessed via the UCL Library databases list.
Oxford Reference Online includes a wide range of cross-searchable dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press, with 1 million entries across 25 subject areas. Below are some examples of titles that are included.
• Dictionary of Accounting
• Dictionary of British Place Names
• Dictionary of Chemistry
• Dictionary of the Social Sciences
• New Oxford Companion to Law
• Oxford Classical Dictionary
• Oxford Companion to Archaeology
• Oxford Companion to Medicine
• Oxford Companion to Military History
• Oxford Dictionary of Art
• Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
• Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature
• World Maps

Survey of UCL researchers

In December 2009, UCL Library Services surveyed UCL's researchers, asking them to rate library facilities and services and to express their priorities in terms of us supporting UCL's research. The results of this survey are now publicly available on our web pages, at

Printing from RoamNet

Log in to CLUSTER WTS or STAFF WTS If they are not installed on your computer either install CLUSTER WTS for students and STAFF WTS for staff or alternatively access them via the web through the following link: a printer, for the ICH library choose UCL53ps.Go to the print release station and log in as usual, you will then be able to print

UCL ID cards -some news

UCL ID cards are normally issued by UCL Security Systems in the Andrew Huxley Building. Find a link to a map: The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.45pm. You need to bring one form of ID (e.g. bank card, driving licence, your ICH/GOSH card)

Consultants with UCL honorary contracts who cannot get to the Andrew Huxley building over at UCL can send an electronic photo of themselves to and can then send someone else to collect the card. Security Systems won't send the cards by post but they can be collected by their PA for example as long as when they send their photos from their email they state who is going to collect it on their behalf.

The photos need to be similar to passpart photos, so no sun glasses, hats etc.

For more information on ID cards please see the following website:

Evidence for resource-poor settings via TRIP

TRIP, the evidence-based search engine, has launched an initiative to help identify evidence suitable for resource-poor or developing world settings. TRIP is aiming to create a searchable set of data relevant to such settings.

Users of TRIP will be able to click on a 'Developing World' link if they believe an article is appropriate for a resource-poor setting. If two or more separate people click on the link then the article will be deemed suitable for inclusion in this sub-set of TRIP resources.

More information can be found on the TRIP Blog.

How to Practice Evidence-Based Child Health course 19 - 21 May 2010

This 3 day introductory course aims to help practitioners become more efficient at using the best available evidence in their clinical and policy decisions.

The course consists of plenary seminars, small group problem-solving and appraisal sessions and practical training sessions on searching the literature to support evidence-based practice.

Cost: £450 - Course materials and catering included.

Further information and an application form can be found at:

Or contact Susie Willsher
Tel: 020 7905 2606
Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street

New Source E-Bulletin: Disability, Inclusion and Development

A quarterly e-bulletin of new online disability, inclusion and development resources is now available from Source.

The first issue is available online.

Source is an international information support centre based in the ICH Library. To search the full online collection of over 25,000 resources, please visit

Source is a partnership between the UCL Centre for International Health and Development, Healthlink Worldwide and Handicap International.

For further information, or to subscribe, please contact: Handicap International Source Staff
Email :
Tel : 00 44 (0) 870 7743737 00 44 (0) 870 7743737
Via Typetalk UK : 18001 0870 7743737

Reminder: How to obtain a UCL badge

In order to borrow the CDs from the library you will need a UCL ID card. Please follow this link to see the format of the UCL ID cards:

Cards are issued by Security Systems in the Andrew Huxley Building. Directions to the office can be seen by clicking on the link to a map below:

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.45pm.

You need bring one form of personal identification (e.g. bank card, driving licence, your ICH/GOSH card) You do not need to bring a photo.

Security Systems will take your photograph before your card is issued.

Please see the following link for more information:

New Software Available for UCL Owned PC's

The following site licensed software titles are now available to borrow from the ICH Library. To borrow a software title please call in to the ISU to complete a software licence agreement form. Take the completed form to the Library to borrow the software. Please note you will need a UCL ID badge to borrow software from the Library, the ICH ID badge cannot be used for this purpose. To obtain a UCL ID badge please see the instructions at the end of this email.

Software available includes:

MS Project 2007 for Windows

MS Office 2007 for Windows

MS Office 2003 for Windows

Reference Manager 12 for Windows

End Note X3 for Windows

SPSS 18 for Windows

SPSS 17 for Windows

MS Office 2008 for Mac 10.4.9 or later

MS Office 2004 for Mac 10.2.8 or later

End Note X3 for Mac 10.5.6 or later

End Note X2 for Mac 10.4 to 10.5 Only

SPSS 18 for Mac 10.6 or later (Intel Only)

SPSS 17 for Mac 10.4 to 10.5 (Intel Only)

SPSS 16 for Mac 10.4 to 10.5 (Power PC and Intel)

Please note the following titles can ONLY be installed o…

UK PubMed Central Open Beta service now live

The UK PubMed Central Open Beta service is now live at

Recently lauched in London it provides a unique, free information resource for biomedical and health researchers. The updated site has additional functionality, features and content. It includes grant reporting and manuscript submission tools presented through a re-designed interface.

Feedback is welcomed and you are encouraged to use the feedback feature which appears on every page of the new site.

New list of training dates for GOSH staff

A new comprehensive training program for GOSH staff is available. It includes:

-using Reference Manager
-searching for evidence-based literature to support clinical audit or clinical governance
-using databases like Medline and CINAHL to support clinical decision making
-setting up current awareness alerts to help you keep up to date with the best evidence in your area
-critically appraising the literature

Follow this link for a list of dates:

Training sessions are held in one of the training or seminar rooms in Weston House. The exact location will be confirmed when you book your place. Please make a booking by contacting the library on x2424 or by email

For any questions about training please contact
Grazia Manzotti, Deputy Librarian and Nursing and Allied Health Liason

Upgrades to the Trip database

A quick update on some new features of the TRIP database(

The TRIP Database is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence.

Search history - allows the easy creation of combination searches

Related articles - Under each search result is a 'Related' link that works in a similar way to PubMed's related articles. Basically, you find an article you like and pressing 'Related' returns results that are semantically similar.

Labs ( - Two features in this:

1) Search wizard ( - a search based on the PICO model.
2) Related articles ( - using the same technology as the related articles mentioned above.