New UCL Institute of Child Health Library website

The Institute of Child Health library website has been completely revised and re-launched in order to follow the style of the new institute of Child Health website: The new Institute of Child Health homepage fits with the UCL brand template that ICH had been asked to adopt by the faculty and it provides access to the information which academic and research staff were asked to complete on research interest and publications which is available via the "people" tab.

The link of the new library website is the following:

The website is based on UCL's Silva Content Management System. Silva is a CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websites and it is fairly easy to use.

The changeover gave us the opportunity to update all our pages and also to create new pages.

We are still working on some of the content and on some pictures. We do welcome comments and feedback. Please email your comments and feedback to Grazia Manzotti at


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