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Adding details of UCL's electronic journal holdings to your results in PubMed

You can now link directly from your results in PubMed to the UCL Library Services journal holdings. To activate this, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to PubMed:

2. Register for a My NCBI account if you have not already done so. To do this, click on the link on the My NCBI link at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions. If you already have a My NCBI account, sign in.

3. Once you are logged in (your username will appear on the top right of the screen), click the My NCBI link on the top right of the screen

4. Scroll down to Filters and click on “manage filters” at the bottom of the page

5. Where it says “select category” select the linkout radio button

6. Type UCL in the search box (where it says “search with term” )

7. UCL Library services will come up

8. Tick both boxes (Filter and Link Icon)

9. Once you start searching you will find a link to the full-text UCL resources on the right hand side of your search.

For this to work on subsequent occasions, y…