UpToDate is Available at ICH & GOSH,on a trial basis

UpToDate is Available at ICH & GOSH on a trial basis. To access it from any ICH computer, just type http://www.uptodate.com/online/
you won't require a password.

UpToDate is an up-to-date, and cross-referenced on-line evidence-based, point of care clinical resource. A community of around 4500 physician experts around the world including UK peer review and synthesize the current medical literature, incorporating the latest evidence-based medicine, providing specific, reliable and succinct “graded” clinical recommendations for all aspects of patient care and medical education in 16 clinical specialties (listed below).

1 Paediatrics
2 Endocrinology
3 Family Medicine
4 Gastroenterology & Hepatology
5 Haematology
6 Infectious Diseases
7 Internal Medicine (General Medicine)
8 Nephrology
9 Neurology
10 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
11 Oncology
12 Cardiology
13 Pulmonary (Respiratory) Medicine
14 Rheumatology
15 A & Emergency
16 Allergy & Immunology

To access it from a GOSH computer::
From GosWeb, click on Internet Button, then on the next page (Internet Links), you see UpToDate under Frequently used sites (at the bottom on the list).

In the library we have plenty of leaflets and guides on how to use it. If you require more information please do contact me


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