Launch of new National Library for Public Health

The National Library for Public Health (NLPH) is an online specialist library of the National Library for Health. It replaces the Public Health electronic Library (PHeL). The NLPH was made available in mid-November 2007 with an initial focus on three key areas: Obesity, Alcohol, and Tobacco. The library was relaunched in April 2008.

The project is being directed by the North East Public Health Observatory on behalf of the Association of Public Health Observatories, as part of the Information and Intelligence Strategy published by the Department of Health.

The library can be accessed at:

What is it?
The purpose of the NLPH is to be the central point of reference for research evidence and guidance on best practice relating to the health of the population. It covers all aspects of population health including:
health inequalities
health improvement
quality and safety
health protection

Who is it for?
The NLPH aims to provide resources relevant to:
public health specialists
professionals whose role includes certain public health goals but who are not themselves specialists
members of the public with an interest in public health matters

We also hope that it will be of value to those working in non-health organisations whose role includes responsibility for services that have a direct or indirect impact on health including Police, Transport and Education.

What will I find in the library?
Resources identified for inclusion in the library are:
national strategies
systematic reviews and other research papers
statistical information
patient information
current news and events

The National Library for Public Health is also holding its first National Knowledge Week (NKW) and Annual Evidence Update on childhood obesity from 28th April 2008.

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