Clinical Knowledge Summaries

The Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) are a reliable online
source of evidence-based information and practical
‘know how’ about the common conditions managed in primary
and first-contact care.

To enhance the service the first in a series of CKS audio podcasts on ‘hot’
clinical issues have been developed and are available at

Featured podcasts cover:
• Diagnosis, management and follow-up of acute anaphylaxis
• Reducing antibiotic prescribing for otitis media with the use of
deferred prescriptions
• Referral for breast cancer and promoting breast awareness
• Missed contraceptive pills
• Managing red eye
• Evidence for the use of varenicline in people who want to stop smoking

New training materials have been produced and are
available at

The training resources are helpful if you
want to find out more about CKS, or to teach others about the service and
consist of:
• A user guide for the website available as a video, PowerPoint and PDF
• An overview of CKS as a PowerPoint presentation or podcast
• Training scenarios


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