GOSH computers - Citrix printing

To connect to the GOSH  printer from the GOSH computers in the library please follow the steps below: 
  1.  Start
  2. Devices and Printer
  3.  Add a printer
  4. Add a network, Wireless or Bluetooth printer
  5. The printer that I want isn’t listed
  6. Find printer in the directory, based on location or feature
  7. NEXT
  8. Name (enter PTR024366 in the pop up window)
  10. Highlight ICH Library PRT024366
  11. OK
  12. NEXT
  13. FINISH
To Print from PIMS, you will need to set Citrix to connect to this printer.
1.         Log on to Citrix (the domain should be pangosh)
2.         Click and hold on the upward arrow icon on bottom right of the screen
3.         Click on the blue Citrix icon
4.         Enter the number of the printer (PTR024366)
5.         Add printer
6.         Save and exit
7.         Click OK
8.         Right Click on blue Citrix logo.
9.         Log off
10.       Log back in by right clicking on grey Citrix icon (bottom right)


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