Photocopying and scanning in the ICH Library

Multi-functional devices (MFDs) which allow UCL staff and students to print, scan (to a UCL email only) and photocopy will be rolled out at the Institute of Child Health Library this summer as part of the University wide print@ucl project. These devices are activated using the UCL ID card, and the free £12 print credit currently provided to all UCL students for their printing requirements, will now also be usable for photocopying - scanning will be free. UCL staff will have no restrictions on their printing, scanning and photocopying.

 UCL students wishing to top up their balance, will either be able to do this online – as is currently the case with printing – or via a cash loader device which will be installed in the library.

Replacing the Institute of Child Health Library’s photocopiers with MFDs will benefit the UCL community by providing:

  • A single point of delivery for all print services
  • Continuity in provision across most UCL Libraries
  • Newer and better equipment (including an A3 colour MFD)
  • The opportunity for UCL students to use their ‘print credit’ to photocopy as well as print
  • The widespread introduction of scanning
  • Significant environmental benefits in terms of reductions in paper usage and CO2 emissions.

Great Ormond Street staff will be able to use the photocopiers by creating a username and a pin number via the cash loader device. Photocopying will be cheaper, an A4 copy will cost 5p rather than 7p like now. 

The current cards used to operate existing photocopier provision at the Institute of Child Health Library will not be compatible with this new system, so you are strongly advised to only buy photocopying credit that caters for your immediate needs.

Please  contact Grazia Manzotti for more information


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