Accessing UCL e-resources offsite

UCL staff and students can access electronic resources from any computer. To do this you need a UCL user-id and password.

Links to ejournals, databases and UCL’s Explore catalogue service can be found on the ICH Library homepage.

For offsite access, the links in Explore, MetaLib, individual databases and the ejournals list will direct you to UCL’s single sign-on screen each time you start a new session. Having logged in with your UCL userid and password, you will be able to access eresources and only need to login once. This remains the case until you close your web browser.

Accessing ejournals through Explore

Journals, including ejournals, can be found by limiting your search to ‘UCL Journals’.  To see the dates which are covered by an online subscription, click on the ‘SFX’ link.

When you click on ‘Go’ on the SFX link page you will be directed to UCL’s single sign-on screen. After signing in you will be transferred to the journal publisher’s page where you will be able to find, view, print and save full text articles.

Accessing ejournals through PubMed
To ensure that the UCL SFX links to full text articles are displayed, access PubMed by clicking on the icon on the ICH Library homepage.

After conducting your search, click the SFX link to discover whether UCL has a valid subscription. Follow the links and single sign on to obtain the journal.

Accessing ejournals via MetaLib or ejournals list
You can also find articles by using MetaLib or the ejournals list, which is accessible from the Explore Homepage. You will need to click the sign in link to use offsite.

Accessing ejournals and databases directly
It is often, though not always, possible to access resources by navigating to a publisher's website or database directly.  To do this you will need to find an Institutional Login or Shibboleth Login button on the website. Clicking these links should take you to the UCL Single Sign On page. However we would always recommend using one of the above outlined routes rather than going direct to the source, as we cannot guarantee the reliability of the publisher's login process.


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