Digitised course reading - CLA licence change + BoB

Two pieces of good news for teaching staff!  Summarised below, with links to further information…

1.       The CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) has announced an increase to the amount we can digitise under the CLA licence.  A new licence has been negotiated and includes a few favourable changes including the limit of 10% or 1 chapter (previously 5% or 1 chapter).  This is quite the headline after years of the 5% limit!  Already teaching staff are benefitting from being able to digitise more as the TLS start to process Term 1 readings.

2.       Box of Broadcasts (BoB) gets an upgrade this summer.  BoB makes available broadcast TV and radio for educational purposes; it makes the best use of UCL’s ERA licence and is much easier than recording and labelling recordings.  From September it will be back with a better search, several channels archived permanently, and more:


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