TLS for Academic Staff

Teaching & Learning Services (TLS) is part of UCL Library Services and works with academics, teaching staff and administrators across UCL to help ensure that students have access to materials they need for their study. We work with departments to deliver the following services:

Online reading lists ensure students have seamless access to the resources on their reading lists. Academics, teaching staff or administrators can all be in control and can update lists, instantly, from wherever they are. Reading lists link to Moodle via the ‘Library resources’ block. Take a look at some current reading lists:
If you would like an online reading list, drop us an email with your course details and we will:
  • Set up your reading list and enable your editing access
  • Provide you with training and support to get you started
  • Help ensure that the list is linked to your Moodle course
Course readings and copyright
Concerned about what materials you can put in Moodle? Wondering if those hand-outs are copyright compliant? Or perhaps just hoping to have a few readings digitised so an entire class can read them before a seminar?

TLS can help ensure course readings are copyright compliant. Using UCL’s CLA licence, we can digitise readings (within certain limits) and add them to your online reading list. Some readings may need copyright permission from the publisher or author, which we request on your behalf. Publishers usually charge a fee for this, which would need to be met by your department.

UCL has other licences and resources that we can suggest for teaching with, such as creating clips or links to broadcast TV, or using the Newspaper licence.

We would love to hear how we can help you:


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